XIAOMI Mi LED Desk Lamp 4 Different Lighting Modes

₱2,000.00 / Piece
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Features and Benefits

  • Durable, minimalist design
  • Elegantly designed and durably constructed
  • Adjusts brightness and color temperature
  • Suits everyone’s needs
  • Withstands heat and test of time
  • The lamp is designed to have a longer lifespan, dissipate heat better, and ensure uniform luminance
  • Hinged precisely and constructed durably
  • The hinge is durably constructed with an all-metal design.
  • Flicker-free, natural lighting
  • Mi LED Desk Lamp comes with a patented optical design that combines numerous light reflections and refraction, producing light that is close to natural lighting.
  • Different lighting modes
  • Choose from different lighting modes that automatically adjusts color temperature and brightness to suit different scenarios
  • Child mode- We’ve designed the color temperature to not exceed 4000k so it effectively protects the children’s eyes from suffering potential optical damage on top of the numerous safety standards that have already been put in place.
  • Computer mode- The computer mode protects the eyes and ensures the color temperature range is kept at 2700K, which reduces the proportion of blue light entering the human eye.
  • Focus mode- Users can customize periods to focus or rest by switching to different light modes. The focus mode adapts the Pomodoro Technique that aids users to become more productive.
  • Lumens: 300 lumens