O Like Walnut Hanging Lamp

₱5,300.00 / Piece
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This walnut hanging lamp is a good choice for home, bar decoration and so on. The simple walnut hanging lamp is very suitable for home use. This is a beautiful new style of handcrafted walnut hanging lamp. And this hanging lights is a great decoration for living room, bedroom, kitchen, study room, children's room. The unique hanging lights is very popular for your house. This modern minimalist style and hanging lights is very suitable for home decoration. The retro style of this hanging lamp is the perfect choice for adding a touch of modern industrial to any room in your home, making your house or office look unique. What's more, this is a modern minimalist style lamp suitable for a variety of houses, living room, dining rooms, foyers, bedroom.

Product Features

- Unique design that can be hung anywhere.

- Durable and long lasting.