XIAOMI Mi Air Purifier Filter

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Features and Benefits

  • Effectively kills bacteria
  • Our product contains high-efficiency filter material, which can effectively intercept and kill bacteria, mycete, and mites
  • Mi Air Purifier Filter Anti-formaldehyde
  • Filters pathogenic bacteria
  • Effectively remove PM2.5
  • Filters out formaldehyde
  • Mi Air Purifier Filter Antibacterial
  • Antibacterial rate up to 99%
  • Filter PM2.5 particles
  • Filters out bacteria
  • Mi Air Purifier HEPA Filter
  • Unique RFID tagging on each filter
  • The Mi Air Purifier HEPA Filter comes with it's own distinct ID and is equipped with an electronic RFID tag reader to recognize authentic filters for your Mi Air Purifiers.
  • Equipped with a primary filter that filters our large and floating particles
  • The Mi Air Purifier HEPA Filter is designed with PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) with an outer layer that has high flexural strength and is resistant to folding, grease, fats, acids, alkali, and most solvents.
  • A True HEPA Filter that filters out respirable particles
  • The Mi Air Purifier uses an ultra-dense True HEPA filter to trap PM 2.5, PM 0.3, pollen, and other respirable particles, allowing only clean air to pass through.
  • Filter replacement in just 10 seconds
  • When changing the filter of your Mi Air Purifier, simply open the filter compartment, pull out the old filter and push in the new one.
  • Filter Efficiency: EPA 12